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Joining AWS

So after three years at Fuji Xerox, it was time for a change. I started looking around (quite passively, I might add), and found an amazing opportunity at Amazon Web Services.

Amazon is one of the five companies I would not say no to (the others being Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Apple).  The role was more focused and narrower than what I was doing at FX, but it gave me more room to grow and develop. And most importantly, there was not ceiling on my ambitions.

After eight(!) round of interviews, I finally received an offer, which I promptly accepted. Financially it was not a huge increment, but I accepted the offer anyway as I felt that this was where I could fulfill my career aspirations.

The interviews all happened within 2 weeks, and I was impressed at how structured and intense it was. It was similar to the Microsoft hiring process, but the major difference was that the interviews drilled down deep on the Leadership Principles.

I’m now looking forward to learning from the best in the business, and working with a team that is truly innovating and a company that has enormous potential to grow.

Wish me luck!

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