A quick update

Hello blog – its been a while!

Its been a busy year-and-a-half (thereabouts).

Here’s what’s happened (on the personal side):

  1. Decided to upgrade to a condominium
  2. Had to sell my current place to fund the new place
  3. My father passed away
  4. Dealing with the legal issues of my father’s passing
  5. Finding a buyer for my house
  6. Packing and moving to a temporary place to stay (twice)
  7. Receiving the keys to the new place, and doing default checks and then renovation
  8. Moving into the new place.

On top of those, there was the work stuff to deal with of course. I got a promotion (of sorts), and now lead a slightly larger team. Progress has been slow, but its still moving in the right direction, so I can’t complain.

That’s it for now – I’ll update more in the next few days, I promise!