60-90 Days: How to Ramp Up in A New Digital Marketing Role

Objective: a) Analyse CX gaps and propose solutions. B) Build/include in roadmap as that it can be addressed in the long term. c) Create solution MVP/ validate and scale (>90day)

  1. What use cases can we envision that are lacking from our CX (now and in the future)?
  2. Conduct a gap analysis of desired state vis a vis current state
  3. Develop a marketing transformation roadmap to bring us forward & build the business case by extrapolation for future growth
  4. Get senior leadership buy-in, create implementation plan and start executing
  5. Launch as pilot for data validation (incremental delivery and clustered sequencing)
  6. Deploy the re-engineered process, renewed/new capabilities, restructured org, redefined roles and re-architected systems

Outcome: Identify current / future state use cases and develop roadmap v1

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