20 Must Have Software Applications for Every PC

This is my list of software that I have installed on every PC that I use (in no order what-so-ever)

  1. Dashlane – My preferred password manager
  2. PatchMyPC – to help me bulk install many of the programmes on this list
  3. HWiNFO64 – to keep track of my temps and other geeky data
  4. Chrome AND Firefox – to test website compatibility across different browsers
  5. Microsoft Office – A PC is still a content creation device
  6. Steam – A PC is also a gaming device
  7. CPU-Z & GPU-Z – When you need to dig a little deeper into your CPU (RAM timings, Mobo BIOS version etc) and GPU (Driver version, RAM Clock, etc)
  8. Foxit PDF – Support the alternatives
  9. Netflix & Disney+ and PrimeVideo – I like to watch TV and Movies
  10. Tidal/ Spotify / Foobar- I can’t work or play without music!
  11. Plex & VLC – to watch my home videos
  12. WhoCrashed – To understand what caused my last BSOD
  13. Zoom/Teams – Work never ends
  14. Kaspersky -Always use protection
  15. Putty – SSH into some of my devices
  16. WizTree – To see what’s taking up space on my local disks
  17. VNC/RDP/Team Viewer – So I can connect to and control my other PCs/ devices
  18. HotspotShield – To anonymise my outbound traffic
  19. OpenVPN – To enable me to access my local network
  20. ShotCut – Editing videos