60-90 Days: How to Ramp Up in A New Digital Marketing Role

Objective: a) Analyse CX gaps and propose solutions. B) Build/include in roadmap as that it can be addressed in the long term. c) Create solution MVP/ validate and scale (>90day)

  1. What use cases can we envision that are lacking from our CX (now and in the future)?
  2. Conduct a gap analysis of desired state vis a vis current state
  3. Develop a marketing transformation roadmap to bring us forward & build the business case by extrapolation for future growth
  4. Get senior leadership buy-in, create implementation plan and start executing
  5. Launch as pilot for data validation (incremental delivery and clustered sequencing)
  6. Deploy the re-engineered process, renewed/new capabilities, restructured org, redefined roles and re-architected systems

Outcome: Identify current / future state use cases and develop roadmap v1


30-60 Days: How to Ramp Up in A New Digital Marketing Role

Objective: a) Understand customer needs b) Identify gaps and short-term corrections leveraging data from S1 c) Define and develop high impact programs (repeatable and scalable) that will address customer needs

  1. Segmentation & personas – define core target audiences and needs
    1. Who are our top 3-5 buyer personas
    1. Conduct internal and external research (qualitative) to gather motivations and aspirations
  2. User journey mapping (e.g. Appendix 2) – identify high impact touchpoints that contribute to conversions and revenue (via workshops with internal stakeholders)
  3. Content review & strategy – Do we have the right content at the different funnel stages to address customer needs? Where are the lifestyle stories?
  4. Consolidated Reporting framework – single dashboard for holistic reporting across channels so that we can track progress for current and future campaigns/programs
  5. Build stand-alone programs (aligned to a thematic editorial calendar) to address the main customer funnel phases (awareness, consideration, conversion, retention) e.g. always on search, email nurture, mobile app

Outcome: Customer user journey map and end-to-end engagement plan across all channels


A quick update

Hello blog – its been a while!

Its been a busy year-and-a-half (thereabouts).

Here’s what’s happened (on the personal side):

  1. Decided to upgrade to a condominium
  2. Had to sell my current place to fund the new place
  3. My father passed away
  4. Dealing with the legal issues of my father’s passing
  5. Finding a buyer for my house
  6. Packing and moving to a temporary place to stay (twice)
  7. Receiving the keys to the new place, and doing default checks and then renovation
  8. Moving into the new place.

On top of those, there was the work stuff to deal with of course. I got a promotion (of sorts), and now lead a slightly larger team. Progress has been slow, but its still moving in the right direction, so I can’t complain.

That’s it for now – I’ll update more in the next few days, I promise!